Multitasker Tools TWIST Pen Shaped AR-15 Tool

    Other than ammo and cleaning supplies the other important thing I carry in my range bag is a good multi-tool. The one I’m currently using is the Real Avid AR-15 tool which we reviewed a while back, Breach-Bang-Clear also did a test of 4 popular Multi-Tools on the market. Multitasker Tools just debuted their new pen shaped TWIST multitool which includes a bunch of the most commonly used tools for maintaining and cleaning your AR-15.

    They’re CNC machined out of T-6061 aluminum and is Type III mil-spec anodized with o-ring sealed caps. It’s pretty compact for everything that it includes, it’s thicker than a standard Sharpie marker but much slimmer than your standard folding multi-tool. Unlike a traditional mult-tool it doesn’t have pliers however, but it does have a decent selection of other tools.

    It includes the following:
    – Flat head scredriver, which is also the pocket clip.
    – Aimpoint turret adjuster
    – M16 A2 style front sight adjustment tool
    – 3/32 pin punch, a.k.a. a Glock punch
    – Carbon scraper
    – Dental pick
    – 10 popular 1/4″ hex bits
    – 8-32 male threaded post for OTIS cleaning accessories

    They should retail for around $50 and will be available from Multitasker Tools distributors by the end of December. Check out for more info.



    [Picture Source: HotBrass365]

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