Arizona Sheriff Adopts Russian Less Lethal Pistol

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

We have blogged about Russian and Eastern European less lethal rubber bullet guns many times before, but I never expected to blog about a Sheriff’s Office adopting them in the USA. In addition to a handgun and a Taser, Deputy officers in Pinal County, AZ will now be carrying Russian OSA PB4-2 Traumatic Pistols. This pistol was identified by my good friend and fellow Editor Gabor Vass of the Hungarian gun magazine Kaliber.

The OSA PB4-2 fires an interesting cartridge, The 18x45mm encases either a round plastic/rubber composite bullet, a flasbangh/stun compound, a flare or pepper spray. The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office will be adopting the rubber ball version. The bullets are ignited electronically. Pulling the trigger generates an electric pulse that fires one of the four chambers. No firing pin needed, much like the famous, and long dead, Remington Model 700 EtronX rifle.

18x45mm Cartridges

The .70 caliber balls have about 66 ft/lbs of muzzle energy, about half that of a standard .22 LR cartridge. The bullets deform on impact, spreading out the energy and avoiding penetration. At reasonable distances they should not kill an adult shot in the body. At close range they can cause significant harm to the body and the brain (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS. NSFW).

The pistols were most likely acquired from a relatively new company called Defenzia. This Brazilian company recently opened up shop in Arizona and are importing a range of less lethal pistols, ammunition and holsters. The company plans on making a smaller caliber version available to sale to civilians.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Pablo Maccedoni Pablo Maccedoni on Dec 08, 2015 I can't wait to buy their 50cal civilian weapon👍 The case you see on wekepidia was death by suicide, that person put the gun to his temple and pulled the trigger. This gun if properly used by law enforcement and civilians will do the job, it will hurt like hell but it will not kill. If that officer in Chicago had this option, that idiot kid would be in alive and in jail, the officer would have gone home to his family and the city would have saved millions of dollars...

  • Bad Penguin Bad Penguin on Dec 14, 2015

    Can any of you actually read what was on the link? Those rounds didnt come from the rubber rounds. They came from the second from the right and had to have been fired at an extremely close range.