iPad vs. Gatling Gun – iPad Loses

Nathan S
by Nathan S

FullMag, known for destroying all sorts of of high-end objects including smart phones from extended distances with smart-rifles, and shooting their own cameras with rounds nearly the size of the camera has released their latest adventure into ballistic tomfoolery.

Obviously living by the mantra that one “can never have too much fire-power”, Full Mag somehow got access to a flying M134 minigun. While not of the same caliber as the venerable GAU-8 found in the A-10 warthog, the M134 can give just about anything on the receiving end not armored a really bad day ( just as this tree).

For the sake of just doing in, the M134 engages and iPad Air (which can hardly be called “armor” even with its metal frame. A testament to Apple’s marketing claims of uber-thinness, the iPad does not look to even destabilize the 7.62×51 rounds as they pass through. The bullets just put nice round holes into the tablet in quick succession.

I, personally am a little dissapointed in the video as I would rather see the distribution of shots when used in a true strafing run, of which the tablet would be a good size metric for the critical areas of a bad-guy torso. Alas, it is not to be, but don’t let that stop you from watching the video which comes complete with slow-motion goodness.


Nathan S
Nathan S

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