High Points and 1911s


    With the season of depression, dread, cold, wind, and icy roads upon us, these two videos should help make it bearable because of their humor. Unless you live in Florida, then everything is coming up roses!

    Both of these videos are starting to make their rounds on social media and I couldn’t stop laughing at both of them. The first one is by the same guy who made the SCAR fine versus gross motor skills, Phuc Long. He does an outstanding act of playing into the stereotypical Asian not speaking English very well, although he himself has an excellent command of the language. Either way I think it just adds to the hilarity that ensues. Basically he covers 1911 malfunctions, going through a failure to fire, double feed, stove pipe, etc… And then he tells of an all covering malfunction procedure that will fix any 1911, in any circumstance, by throwing the 1911 at the target, and then pulling out his Glock 17 and continuing to fire! Now, I’m a huge 1911 guy, I love them to death and have three of them myself. But I’ll be the first to admit that I wouldn’t carry one in a legitimate environment of any sort, resorting to my Sig 229 with a light, and my S&W Shield for concealed carry.

    The second video is much shorter, with no narrative and is about the Hi-Point handgun and how to properly unbox it. The poor Hi-Point takes so much flak in the firearms world, it’s not even funny. Still, it is the cheapest/reliable pistol for gun owners who might not be able to afford a better handgun. I’ve included some of the HI-Point memes circulating around the internet as well, if you haven’t seen some of these.

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