Universal Suppressor System from Griffin Armament: The "Optimus"

Nathan S
by Nathan S

One of the biggest detractions I have had over suppressors has been their lack of modularity. Often, they are set for a specific thread pitch and/or caliber and one was forced to buy a new can for nearly every rifle if you always wanted to shoot suppressed. To correct that, in steps Griffin Armament with their new Optimus suppressor system.

In the full configuration ready for 300 WIN MAG

Innovation comes in many sizes ( like Griffin’s martime receiver extension). In short, its a fully modular suppressor system capable of tackling the diminutive 22LR all the way through .300 WIN Mag. By serializing only the sleeve, Griffin Armament has set up the can to expand and contract with fully removable (and easily cleanable) components.

The can is also compatible with 9mm weapons systems and has the option of adding a booster to ensure reliable function with semi-auto handguns.

Mounted to MP5 with optional tri-lug adapter.

The can is running at a scant $1,095 and includes components to be able to adapt to 9mm, 22LR (and by extension, .223/5.56), and a Griffin 5/8×24 minimalist brake mount. The can is compatible with 3-lug mounts, but it is not included.

Details from Griffin Armament, as there is just way too much to cover:

The Optimus Silencer is the most significant advancement in consumer silencer technology in the last decade. A truly high performance and versatile silencer, the Optimus can service many firearms from rimfire calibers up to 300 winchester magnum. Utilizing full 17-4 stainless construction with user adaptable components the Optimus in its full size standard configuration is a 9.4” 18.5 ounce, taper mounted 300 Winchester Magnum rated silencer. A 7.9 inch 16 ounce 308 rated Mid Size Taper Mount configuration can be attained using the optional minimalist brake shield. Re configuring the suppressor with the included booster assembly and piston, the Optimus transforms into a high performance, reliable, 9mm pistol silencer. The optional low profile 3 lug assembly can also be interfaced with the Optimus pistol configuration, providing secure attachment for 9mm, 556 and 300 blk out carbines. Additionally, the user can enjoy quiet rimfire shooting by switching end caps to the included 22 caliber end cap. After use the Optimus can be fully disassembled for cleaning by removing the patent pending Taper Lock interfaces.

The Optimus silencer transforms into multiple configurations to suit the shooters requirements on various platforms from rimfire to 300 win mag. Full spectrum versatility, in a single, durable, user serviceable silencer is now possible with the Griffin Optimus.

Includes: 9mm and 22 caliber end caps; full booster assembly,1/2×28 piston, and 5/8×24 30 caliber Minimalist Brake Mount.

9mm can only be fired in short length.

Barrel length ratings by configuration

Full Sized (taper mount): 9.4″ 17.6 ounce
Hunting / bolt gun use up to .300 Win Mag on a 24″ barrel
308/6.5CM 14.5″
6.8spc 10.5″
7.62×39 8″
300blk 8″ Super/sub
5.56mm 7.5″
Mid size (Taper Mount Minimalist devices only): 7.9″ 15 .7 ounces
Requires separate minimalist blast shield coming soon
308 Win 16″
6.8spc 12.5″
7.62×39 8″
300blk Super/Sub 8″
10.5″ 5.56mm

Pistol Configuration with complete booster and piston: 6.6″ 13.5 ounces
Up to .357 Magnum
With fixed barrel spacer full auto rated 9mm

3-Lug Configuration (with Griffin 17-4 PH 3-lug couplers): 6.6″ 13.5 ounces
5.56mm limited full auto down to 16″
5.56mm Semi auto 14.5″
.300BLK supersonic limited full auto to 9.5″
.300BLK subsonic full auto to 8″
5.7 full auto

Direct thread configuration (12 ounces)
300BLK Subsonic and 9mm full auto rated
Rimfire full auto
5.7 full auto


Overall Length:9.4” Full size , 6.6″ configured with booster piston assy.
Length Added:
Weight:18.5 Ounces Full size, 13.5 ounces Pistol config
Materials:High strength, high temperature, corrosion resistant 17-4ph Stainless Steel
Attachment:Taper Mount devices, 3 Lug attachment, Booster Pistons, and direct thread adapters
DB Attenuation:
Finish:Melonite QPQ
Full Auto Rated:Yes (9mm and 300BLK subsonic only)
Nathan S
Nathan S

One of TFB's resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR's, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.The above post is my opinion and does not reflect the views of any company or organization.

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