New Grand Power Stribog S9 Carbine/SMG

    A while back Slovakian gun maker Grand Power were developing a rifle but for some unknown reason the project was cancelled and as far as I know, no prototype was ever made public. Unexpectedly a few days ago the company published photos of a new 9mm carbine that will also be available as a full auto submachine gun.

    Not a lot is known about this gun. Looking at the photos we can see an upper and a lower receiver, which is typical of newly designed modern guns. The pistol grip is an AR-15 compatible grip. It uses a standard 9mm Uzi magazine.

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    From Mr Kuracina’s facebook page (head designer at Grand Power) via. hyperprapor

    The compensator at the front looks to be tuned specifically for the Stribog S9. The full length top rail is flanked on the sides by keymod attachment points for accessories or more rails, a there is a short rail underneath which Grand Power is using with a Magpul AFG.

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    The charging handle looks like it can be switched to the other side to make it ambidextrous. The fire control looks like it might be as well.

    In this video you can see the CEO of Grand Power shooting the gun on full auto …

    Thanks to our friends at magazine for passing on the info, 

    Steve Johnson

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