Guardian firearms safety device

by Miles

A company called Veri-Fire, LLC based out of San Antonio, Texas has designed and is selling a device that fits on the trigger guard of a handgun, and is essentially a high tech biometric trigger lock. Instead of a key unlocking it, your finger unlocks it. It was designed by two former Airmen who were prior Security Force guys. Release date is November 16th, MSRP is $299, but if you purchase one before that date, it will be $199, in addition to another reserve price of $159, which I’m not quite clear about the difference between those two last prices. It also appears to be rail mounted, wherein you access the biometric lock, and the cover slides forward, allowing use of the trigger. I don’t know how this translates to handguns that don’t have rails, or if a shooter wants to have a light on their handgun, which is a very valid reason for a home defense gun. It also appears to have a manual override but doesn’t explain how that works.

From their website-

It is a safety device that attaches to the trigger guard of your handgun via a custom adapter. Guardian preserves the readiness of your handgun while reliably increasing safety. A revelation in a world where a gun owner’s choices are: render the handgun you own for protection unusable or inaccessible or, perhaps worse…do nothing at all.


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  • BillyOblivion BillyOblivion on Nov 10, 2015

    I wonder how much I could get piled up in a kickstarter campaign that uses "mental fingerprints" to unlock the trigger.

  • F.t. F.t. on Nov 14, 2015

    Yes but is it Ma. Compliant because as most residents in Ma. know, Ma. if ruled by control freaks who want to control every aspect of ones freedom?
    Even gun locks have to be approved by someone in Ma. who is apparently all knowing, total supreme wisdom on all things gun related.