Instant Access IPS Concealed Gun Storage

    There has been an ongoing trend or more and more creative solutions for keeping your defensive firearms close at hand.  Instant Access is taking the concept in a slightly different direction.  Rather than being a piece of furniture, or a shelf, they are building the storage into a piece of art.

    They are currently running the initial funding via crowd funding at Indiegogo:  Definitely go check them out–there is ton more detail on the campaign page.  It sounds like the campaign is to raise money with the intent of driving production costs down.

    Also, as he states, this is not a safe, so the ability to bypass the electronics is not really an design issue.

    I think the idea is pretty interesting, and provides an alternative way to keep your defensive firearms available but not obvious.  They have a number of standard art pieces you can start with–though it looks like it would be pretty easy to roll your own if you wanted something custom.  The initial offerings would fit in most places, methinks.

    So, readers…  Interesting idea to you?  Would you utilize something like this?

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