New 7mm Sierra MatchKing

    7mm Sierra bullet

    Sierra Bullets announced a new 7mm bullet that is designed for extreme long range accuracy. The new 183 grain MatchKing bullet is said to provide a ballistic coefficient of 0.713 when driven between 1720 fps and 2300 fps. A BC of 0.707 is achieved when the bullet moves at a velocity greater than 2300 fps.

    The company states they achieve these BCs through the use of an enlongated ogive and the use of a special meplat reduction operation. Sierra Bullets recommends a barrel twist rate of 1:8″ or faster for optimal stabilization.

    The above photo shows a 0.615″ 10-shot group at 200 yards using these bullets.

    Sierra Bullets will being shipping these in 100 and 500 bullet packages starting in November. Pricing is $51.80 and $256.34 respectively.

    Richard Johnson

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