Red Dot for Handgun on the Not-so-Cheap: Dueck Defense RBU

Nathan S
by Nathan S

Red dot sights are a significant step forward for handguns, but until the recent Glock MOS or S&W C.O.R.E. series, it has been an expensive proposition to get a handgun ready. Up to make the expense less for those with an existing handgun is Dueck Defense with their RBU or “Red Dot Back Up”.

While the mount may be inexpensive compared to sending off a handgun to a smith, getting it milled and re-coated, the RBU clocks in $129. Price aside it does include already built-in iron sights and is can mount to an existing weapon without modification. Sadly, its only compatible with Trijicon RMR-pattern sights.


Nonetheless, its a solid way to step into red dots on handguns without having to leap in head-first or to quickly remove sights without performing permanent modification.

• CNC Machined in the USA from US Mill certified bar stock
• Nitride coated giving a super hard matte black surface finish that is highly corrosion resistant even in salt water environments
• Uses factory rear sight dovetail. No modification to your gun
• Optimal mounting height to clear Suppressors
• Compatible with most open top and red dot tactical holsters

Nathan S
Nathan S

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