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Steyr Arms has announced another run of their AUG A3 M1 rifles with white furniture. Apparently the initial run was far more popular than expected, so they’re following the public’s demand by moving forward with a second shipment. According to the company’s CEO, Scott O’Brien, “We grossly underestimated the demand for the White AUGs. “Our phone lines and social media accounts lit up as soon as word got out about the initial shipments to dealers and distributors, so we turned to our parent company in Austria to produce another batch of furniture. We are now working feverishly to build complete guns.”

There are three options for this particular AUG A3 M1 including an optics version with a 1.5X or 3X integrated scope, a Short-Rail version, and a High-Rail version. Perhaps best of all, the three versions have interchangeable rails and optics. All the shooter needs to do is remove a trio of base screws from the receiver and the changes can be made.

From Steyr Arms:

“The AUG A3 M1 Optics version has a more traditional AUG scope tube with exceptionally bright and clear optical elements, modernized with the addition of three Picatinny rail sections to accommodate accessories like a close-quarters holographic sight. With 16 numbered slots, the High-Rail version was designed to accommodate the widest range of optic choices, and the 11-slot Short-Rail version was designed for use with a reflex sight or a longer-eye relief optic.”

Steyr has been manufacturing firearms since 1864 and strives to combine current technology with what they call a more “elegant” appearance. The aforementioned rifles have varying MSRPs with either rail version being $2099, the 1.5X optic version being $2499, and the 3X optic version being $2599.

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Specs from Steyr:

Model:Steyr AUG A3 M1
Purpose:Target shooting, military & law enforcement, multi-gun competition
Manufacturer:Steyr Arms, Inc.
2530 Morgan Rd.
Bessemer, AL 35022
(205) 417-8644
Operation:Adjustable, short-stroke, gas-piston, semi-automatic
Receiver material:Hard Eloxal-coated aircraft aluminum
Caliber:5.56x45mm (.223 Rem.)
Barrel:16.375-inch chrome-lined CHF barrel (18.375 inches with muzzle brake)
Rifling:6 grooves, 1:9 RH Twist
Sights:Short 11-slot rail, High 16-slot rail, 1.5X optic or 3X optic
Safety:Two-position trigger-blocking
Trigger type:Single-stage
Pull weight:9 pounds, 8 ounces
Stock material/type:White Black, OD Green or MUD synthetic/bullpup
Length of pull:15 inches
Drop at comb:0.435 inch (Short rail), 0.820 inch (High rail), 1.945 inches (Optic)
Drop at heel:None
Recoil pad:Elastomer; 0.3-inch thick
Sling swivels:Two (front QD, rear reversible)
Pistol grip:Integral
Weight, empty:7.7 pounds (Short Rail), 7.8 pounds (High Rail), 8.8 pounds (Optic)
Overall length:28.15 inches
Included accessories:Owner’s manual, one 30-round magazine and an AUG cleaning kit
MSRP:$2,099 (either rail), $2,499 (1.5X optic), $2,599 (3X optic)
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