POTD: Awesome Navy-Themed Gun Collection

    Joe writes …

    Hello again TFB! Today I wanted to share my small Navy themed collection with you.

    In my first picture I have my transferable M16 lower with an actual HK416 upper 10.5″ AF (no its not a chopped HK MR556, it’s the real deal) what is on the gun includes…

    EOtech 552
    Surefire Socom 556 suppressor with their muzzle brake
    VLTOR stock
    KAC ambi selector
    DBAL I2 (for when I shoot at night)
    KNS Pins
    Magpul BAD level
    Tango Down vert grip with quick throw mount

    Next to it is my MK11 mod 1, Im not going to talk too much about it, but for the keen viewers out there there is something VERY VERY VERY special about this gun.
    Leupold 1-8X CQBSS H27D optic
    Harris Bipod short
    KAC trigger (which is amazing)
    MIAD pistol grip
    This gun truly is a dream to shoot and is easily on my top 5.


    The next photo has my small but ever growing MK series collection of handguns my MK23, MK24 and MK25.

    The HK MK23 you’ve already seen but just to recap

    Wilcox LAM unit (light and laser)
    KAC .45 suppresor

    The HK 45 CT (MK24) is running a Tirant .45s and is a very nice gun to shoot.

    The Sig 226 Navy (MK25) that has the Crimson Trace IR and Visible Laser grip. For anyone on the fence about the laser grip its worth the money IMO.

    Till Next Time TFB!

    Thats a great collection, thanks for sharing!

    Steve Johnson

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