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If you spend time shooting at a favorite outdoor spot and prefer using manufactured targets rather than random objects such as soda cans and water bottles – not that those aren’t fun at times – take a look at the latest offering from Custom Metal Products. The company is offering a new steel target with an auto-reset feature; if you’re interested in honing your marksmanship skills with pistols, rifles, or both, this target could be just what you need.

The new target is the Auto Reset Center Fire Plate Rack, which is a fairly descriptive name. The stand is 49″ tall, 64″ wide, and has five 6″ circular targets hanging in an even row from the stand’s cross piece. Targets are 3/8″ thick and flip back when hit. In order to make them all drop back to their original position all you have to do is score a direct hit on the rectangular reset target at the end of the row. No trekking down-range, no ropes, no pulley systems, just another target to take a shot at.

Custom Metal Products states shooters should stand a minimum of 15 yards from the target when using pistols and a minimum of 100 yards away for rifle use. There is a front deflector angled at 45 degrees and the stand legs can be removed to simplify transport.

The company is known for their line of AR500 steel targets and produces everything from gongs to swingers to Cowboy Action targets. MSRP for the Auto Reset Center Fire Plate Rack is $625. Visit the company’s website at or take a look at the target itself at

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