SIG SAUER .38 Super +P

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
SIG 38 Super

SIG SAUER announced a new load in its Elite Performance Ammunition: .38 Super +P. The new load uses the same V-Crown style bullet that is used in its other JHP ammo products. This bullet is 125 grains in mass and is loaded to a muzzle velocity of 1,230 feet per second.

SIG advised its brass cases are coated with something called Ducta-bright 7a to enhance lubricity and help prevent corrosion. This is the same nickel plating that Corbon recently announced it was using on its ammunition.

Ducta-bright 7a is a nickel plating process provided by Advanced Plating Technologies. The process was developed to address concerns of weakened brass cases due to existing nickel plating techniques. Essentially, this process improves the strength of the case for hot loads and reloading longevity.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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