Meprolight Announces New Optic

    Meprolight, the company responsible for providing a large percentage of night sights and optics to the Israeli Defensive Forces, has a new optic coming out. It’s called the TRU-DOT RDS, and it was designed with the needs of hunters in mind. Of course, just because it’s great for hunting doesn’t mean it’s not a fantastic optic overall.

    The TRU-DOT RDS is a red dot optic with a large display window, features that make rapid target acquisition easier to obtain. That’s especially important when hunting game that tends to appear quickly and move even quicker – think feral hogs and coyotes, among others. As is standard with Meprolight optics, the TRU-DOT RDS is constructed of durable material, making it capable of withstanding the bumps and scrapes that are bound to take place outdoors.

    Powering the optic is simple; the TRU-DOT RDS takes two AA batteries, which are a lot easier to find than other batteries. According to the company those two batteries can provide as many as 15,000 hours of use thanks to the automatic shutoff feature. There are four options for brightness of the dot itself and the selection dial is easy to use. And if you like to hunt at night, you can use the TRU-DOT RDS with your night vision. This is a military-grade optic with a 1.8 MOA.

    MSRP $399. Visit the company’s site for a closer look or to place an order:

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