Hi-Lux CMR8 1-8x26mm Tactical Scope Preview

Timothy G. Yan
by Timothy G. Yan

This is a TFB exclusive product preview at the Fall 2015 Big 3 Media event at Daytona Beach, Florida. One of the companies at the event is Hi-Lux Leatherwood optics. I have reviewed more than a few of their optics for TFB. To my surprise, they brought along the working prototype of their new 1-8x tactical scope. While nothing is finalized yet, Hi-Lux said the retail price of this optic, designated as the CMR8, will be under $1000 US dollars.

Their new company logo. It now has a clean modern look while retaining the classic fonts of the Leatherwood legacy.

The new Hi-Lux 1-8x26mm is mounted on the Aero Precision M5E1 carbine with the modular monolithic upper. The gun is a lightweight AR-10 style .308 rifle with 16-inch barrel. The optic is very short for a 1-8x scope. It has the same length as their CMR 1-4x24mm scope, which is just under 10 inches long.

The optic is holding up just fine from the effects of firing the full power .308 ammo as well as my German 7.62×51 NATO surplus rounds. The Hi-Lux CMR8 will feature an illuminated reticle in the first focal plane. The illumination turret on the left side will have the “off” position between each level setting.

The tube size is 34mm. Although, I prefer the smaller 30mm size, the 34mm is the common tube size for the 1-8x scope. A benefit of featuring a short body is the weight reduction. The production version of the Hi-Lux CMR8 should weigh in at just over 20 oz, which would make it the lightest 1-8x on the market.

I can’t comment on the optical quality since the optical formula is being worked on. The reticle is also not ready yet. The demo unit has just a simple mil-dot crosshair reticle. According to their reticle designer, the reticle that he’s designing for it will be good for both fast and close work as well as precision long-range shooting.

The Hi-Lux CMR8 is scheduled to be released by SHOT Show 2016. I’m looking forward to checking it out at the Hi-Lux booth.

Timothy G. Yan
Timothy G. Yan

Writer and gear editor with articles published in major gun publications. A five year combat veteran of the US Marine Corps, Tim is also part of Point & Shoot Media Works, a producer of photography, video and web media for the firearms and shooting sport industry. Tim's direct contact: Tyan.TFB -at- gmail.com

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  • Mrninjatoes Mrninjatoes on Oct 08, 2015

    I have the Leatherwood hi-lux 1-4. I love it. I can't wait for the 1-8 to come out.

  • Kermit Hackney Kermit Hackney on Oct 21, 2015

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