Strike Industries EMP Glock 43 Mag Plate

    Strike Industries released their EMP magazine plate for the Glock 42 a few months back, now they have one for the Glock 43. Made out of impact resistant polymer their new extended magazine plate adds an additional 2 rounds to the Glock 43 bumping it up to a capacity of 8+1. The EMP mag plate also adds more finger space allowing for more control. The new Glock 43 EMP mag plate retails for just $11.95 at

    The Strike Industries Glock 43 Extended Magazine Plate (G43 E.M.P) design provides smoother magazine reloading through its low drag / no snag design. The G43 E.M.P provides multiple functions to include an additional 2 rounds bringing the Glock 43 capacity up to 8+1. Along with providing more magazine capacity; the extended grip surface provides extra finger space for a better grip and more control; along with better ergonomics which leads to a higher accuracy potential over the base model subcompact. The SI G43 EMP is a must have addition for your EDC!
    Package include
    – 1x Magazine Plate Extension for Glock43

    – Plus 2 round capacity
    – Extended grip surface
    – Low drag /No snag design
    – Impact resistant polymer


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