Gun Review: Century Arms Yugo PAP M92 AK Pistol

    Ever since ATF approved the arm support brace, rifle-caliber pistols have become wildly popular. For the AK pattern rifle-caliber pistol, one of the best on the market is Century Arms Yugo PAP M92. It’s very affordable and surprisingly nicely made for under $500.



    After having one for a few months, I have to say the Century Arms M92 is the most “fun” gun I have ever owned. It’s a great blaster. My local gun store just couldn’t keep one in stock. It took Century Arms two months to ship my back order.

    Since this is an AK shorty, I’m not going into too much detail about its accuracy. With the standard WPA Military Classic steel case 124-gr ammo, I have no problem hitting torso size steel plate up to 100 meters while holding it like a pistol. Maybe 150m and slightly farther out when better support is used. While the trigger is above average for a stock AK, the very short sight radius is what affects its accuracy at the longer ranges.



    Often called the “Krink” or “Krinkov” style, the Century Arms M92 resembles the shortened version of the AK74, the AKS74U, which was originally developed as a PDW (personal defense weapon) for Russian tank and armored vehicle crewmen. The Russian military have never used the term “Krinkov”. According to my findings the name actually comes from the American gun community. I believe one of the gun writers started using that term back in the days when AKs were rare guns on the North American market. The name Krinkov or sometime shortened to just Krink has stuck ever since.



    The review M92 sample comes with the factory OEM muzzle device installed. It serves dual purpose of acting as a booster for the shortened gas system, and its bell shaped front portion directs the blast and flash away from the shooter. This also available separately from Century Arms as a retail package (product code PAP0013) for $34.95.



    The Century Arms M92 is currently available in two calibers, the 7.62×39 as tested, or the M85 NP 5.56mm NATO version. It’s also available with or without the SB-47 arm support brace. I picked the 7.62x39mm caliber version because it’s an AK after all.



    Close up of the Century Arms M92 and it shows some of its nice features. There’s a small bolt hold-open notch on the selector. The charging handle is covered with a grey color soft rubber cover. It’s a small touch but I found that adds comfort and helps to insulate from the heat after the gun gets hot. The distinctive looking Yugo pistol grip fits better in my hand than the short & stubby Russian style ones found on most other AKs.



    Two 30-round Magpul polymer AK magazines come with each Century Arms PAP M92. My surplus Eastern Bloc steel AK magazines worked perfectly with the M92 too. The 5.56mm M85 NP variant comes with two 30-round AR-15 type metal magazine.



    Century Arms PAP M92 AK Pistol Specification:

    Caliber: 7.62x39mm
    Barrel Length: 10-inch
    Barrel Thread: 26×1.5 LH threads
    Overall Length: 29.2 inches w/ armbrace
    Weight: 7.06 pounds w/ armbrace
    M92 AK Pistol: $499 MSRP
    Muzzle device: $34.95 MSRP
    SB-47 Arm Brace: $139 MSRP

    Writer and gear editor with articles published in major gun publications. A five year combat veteran of the US Marine Corps, Tim is also part of Point & Shoot Media Works, a producer of photography, video and web media for the firearms and shooting sport industry. Tim’s direct contact: Tyan.TFB -at-