New 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum Cartridge

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
Weatherby 6.5-300

Weatherby announced the introduction of a new cartridge that the company calls the fastest production 6.5 cartridge in the world. The new 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum has muzzle velocities ranging from 3,395 – 3,531 fps depending on the load.

Weatherby will support the new ammunition with its rifle line including the new Mark V Accumark rifles.

The initial loads will ship in January 2016. Weatherby currently has three loads listed for the new cartridge:

  • 127 grain LRX bullet @ 3,531 fps and 3,516 ft-lbs
  • 130 grain Scirocco bullet @ 3,476 fps and 3,487 ft-lbs
  • 140 grain A-Frame bullet @ 3,395 fps and 3,583 ft-lbs

All three loads have a MSRP of $95 for a box of 20 cartridges.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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  • Wedelj1231 Wedelj1231 on Oct 06, 2015

    Since no one else will say it, I will. What does his do over the .26 Nosler?

  • OldOldLawyer OldOldLawyer on Oct 10, 2015

    Unless you take the plunge to the Weatherby calibers you can't really understand their value............if you never shoot beyond 250 yards you dont need one, so dont waste your money....once you pass 300 yards that extra 200-300 fps make all the difference in the world...I shoot 257 and 300 Weatherby..having moved way up from 243 and gives you a whole new concept in shooting with a laser like far as barrel life, that is all hype....barrels wear out when you shoot them after they get way hot.....only a fool would shoot enough out of my 300 to hurt the dont shoot prairie dogs with them and they will last a lifetime....duh? Also, the 257 has a kick like a 30-06, manageable for anyone, yet flat to 350 even if you can't judge distance, anyone can succeed with one, also, you can make 257 brass by just running new 7mm mag brass thru the die, they are 1/64 short but it makes zero difference in either accuracy or on the chrony.....if you take open country hunting seriously, you really need to step up to Weatherby.....duh?