New 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum Cartridge

    Weatherby 6.5-300

    Weatherby announced the introduction of a new cartridge that the company calls the fastest production 6.5 cartridge in the world. The new 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum has muzzle velocities ranging from 3,395 – 3,531 fps depending on the load.

    Weatherby will support the new ammunition with its rifle line including the new Mark V Accumark rifles.

    The initial loads will ship in January 2016. Weatherby currently has three loads listed for the new cartridge:

    • 127 grain LRX bullet @ 3,531 fps and 3,516 ft-lbs
    • 130 grain Scirocco bullet @ 3,476 fps and 3,487 ft-lbs
    • 140 grain A-Frame bullet @ 3,395 fps and 3,583 ft-lbs

    All three loads have a MSRP of $95 for a box of 20 cartridges.

    Richard Johnson

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