PSA: Subsonic Squib

    Hat tip to Bradley for sending us the link to this video. It is a public service announcement. Many of us have heard of squibs happening. Just like a DQ in a competitive match; there are two kinds of people out there, those that have had it happen and those that will. I only have a .22LR SWR Spectre II suppressor and I shoot standard velocity and high velocity loads out of it. So it never occurred to me that a subsonic load would be more susceptible to being a squib load. The scenario in the video was a stroke of luck for the shooter. Shooters should try to always be vigilant when shooting. Accidents happen when we get complacent. Just like this shooter. He has shot thousands of rounds. He felt something odd but continued loading another round and he kept trying.  Had he been paying more attention, he would have acted on his initial observation and checked for the squib. It is hard though, to divorce yourself from the task at hand. We all do it. We get tunnel visioned into the target and forget to stop and check. Let this video be a warning to stay aware and pay attention to what is happening in your gun.

    Nicholas C

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