M1895 Nagant Revolver: Yes, You Can Suppress Them

Alex C.
by Alex C.

The M1895 “Nagant” revolver appears pretty standard at a quick glance, but upon closer inspection you can see how unique this little handgun really is. A number of odd features make it somewhat of a curiosity, but it served Imperial Russia and the USSR well until it was gradually phased out of military service by semi-automatic pistols. In this episode of TFBTV, we take a look at the Nagant revolver to see what it can do!

Firearm featured:
M1895 Nagant Revolver

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Alex C.
Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.

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  • Lance Lance on Oct 03, 2015

    Its 7.62x38R not 30R. the tried and true TT-33 never phased the Nagant out. Both where phased out by the Makarov PM in the 1960s

    PS is shoot them at closer ranges and accuracy is average. Id challenge Alex C to a Nagant shoot.

    • Kivaari Kivaari on Oct 03, 2015

      @Lance PM entered service in the early 50s. But those TT33s are still seen today in backwater places. They are pretty good designs, It is too bad the US government wont allow originals to be imported, without adding those horrible safeties.

  • Jeff Heeszel Jeff Heeszel on Oct 03, 2015

    Would it hurt if someone threw it at you?