22plinkster Pits a 500 S&W Against Pop Bottles…for Redneck Science

    Although there’s something to be said for dedicated trigger time spent honing your marksmanship skills in preparation for the coming zombie apocalypse, there’s also something to be said for experiments done in the name of redneck science. 22plinkster took on what he considers to be a redneck science conundrum by lining up a row of 2-liter pop bottles for annihilation by 500 S&W. He mixed things up by using more than one kind of pop and even brought out some serious rounds, so you know he meant business taking out those bottles. Speaking as someone whose favorite part of fall is picking up all the post-Halloween sale pumpkins possible and blowing them away with various guns, I have to say, this seems like a great way to spend an afternoon.

    How many bottles do you think the rounds will penetrate?

    TFB Staffer

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