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Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

A reader emailed us about a compact firearm he has designed. I like the design. My only concern would be the choice of the Chinese 5.8x21mm round, a round not manufactured outside of China, but the idea is intriguing. The 5.8x21mm is substantially more compact (overall length of 32.50mm) compared to Western body armor piercing ammunition such as the FN 5.7×28mm (overall length 40.50mm).

Ahmad writes …

I set out with the objective of designing an extremely slim concealed carry handgun. A handgun that not only is compact but also could penetrate body armor and reach targets behind cover.

For those reasons I chose the Chinese 5.8x21mm DAP-92 Round.This allows the weapon to have a class leading total width of only 18mm, making it great for concealed carry.

Designed to be very durable, every part in this design is metal, except for the magazine base plate,magazine base plate lock and the grip.The entire grip is a single piece, easily exchanged by the removal of one bolt(using the disassembly lever or a screw driver). This allows many user customization options including grip lengths,widths,girths,colors,styles and textures.

Other notable features include a unique no-snag accessory rail,ambidextrous/single magazine release,a low bore axis, dovetail sights,tactile and visible striker indicator and a flush non-snag slide stop.

Safe to carry: it has a trigger safety and a striker blocking safety.

Uniquely the barrel drops parallel with the slide/bore, not needing to tilt because the magazine is built so high up.

The Front top of the slide and the the trigger guard have been angled for smooth holstering.

To allow easy maintenance and customization, this weapon can be completely disassembled without tools.I have designed the spring guide rods to be used as punches and a screw driver.

I have developed a whole range based on this design.The 9mm and .45acp have very similar external dimensi
ons but with more features and safeties.The 9mm has a width of just 20mm and the .45acp is just 22mm wide respectively.

I have many other great innovative designs ready for production.Thanks to Steve I am posting this design in an attempt to start a career in the firearms industry.It would be great if this design and all my concepts could go into production.I hope we could all shoot them soon….

Any manufacturer of firearms wanting to get in contact me can email me at

Thanks Ahmad Issa

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • MrApple MrApple on Sep 15, 2015

    Why bother? Just get a Glock.

  • Paul J Paul J on Sep 17, 2015

    It may have a jamming issue because of the placement of the barrel cam and it's geometry.
    Impressive drawing and beautiful design though.