Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 in 4″ Service Model

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory announced a 4″ Service Model version of the XD Mod.2 pistol. The new guns are chambered in 9mm and come in all black and two-tone versions (stainless slide on black frame.)


  • caliber – 9mm
  • magazine capacity – 16 rounds
  • barrel length – 4″
  • weight (unloaded) – 28 ounces
  • sights – low profile rear, fiber optic front
  • height – 5.5″
  • length – 7.3″
  • width (grip) – 1.2″

The new guns use the new Grip Zone texturing (and label) on the frame. The trigger guard is undercut to allow for a higher grip on the pistol. Slide serrations are fairly aggressive to ensure a positive grip when running the slide.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.

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  • Kenbay2020 Kenbay2020 on Sep 16, 2015

    I think this pistol is a winner for sure, but I'm baffled by the "Grip Zone" marking. I'm thinking SA is extremely proud off their grip texture design, but kind of went overboard with advertising it on the gun itself. They should've just marketed the gun as like the "Mod2 GEM (Grip Enhanced Model)" instead. Maybe SA will give in and take it off eventually.

  • Stevean Stevean on Sep 26, 2015

    As hilarious as all these comments about the GRIP ZONE are, and they are completely justified and funny, the grip zone label isnt there to say "THIS IS WHERE YOUR HANDS GO STUPID"
    Its what they call their new grip texture guys. They call it the Grip Zone, and labeled it as such, in giant obnoxious letters across the grip which I cant believe springfield didnt think that through all the way.
    Aesthetically, this gun looks great except for that obnoxious lettering, and it looks more comfortable and more refined than its predecessor, so its worth a look despite that