Improvised brass barrel firearm with paintball marker trigger frame

by ImproGuns

Pictured is an interesting improvised 9mm firearm being sold within criminal circles in Brazil. The entire trigger group / lower is from a standard paintball marker, allowing for a more useful semi-automatic (open-bolt) operation. A clever feature is the use of standard 9mm holed hexagonal brass bar stock as a crude smooth-bore barrel.

The magazine ‘latch’ is simply a bolt threaded into the magazine-well (turned clockwise to tighten) and It’s cocking handle appears to be a tilt knob from a desk chair.

Full auto only variation:

The ‘Keep Calm and Start Street Sweeping’ award definitely goes to ….


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  • This is an EXCELLENT example as to why the socialist gun haters in the U.S. have as much of a chance of taking away "all of the guns" in the country as Trump has in deporting 12 million illegals.

    Not gonna happen, thanks to the ingenuity of those who want a gun.

  • Donald Darr Donald Darr on Sep 12, 2015

    Lower is from a Spyder MR1 paint gun. Gun laws only affect those that obey the laws to begin with. The criminal is the problem not the weapon.