I run EOTechs on my NERF guns…

by Miles

No, I’m not actually putting a military grade optic on a child proof toy worth barely a fraction of a brand new XPS2-2. However, with the Rival line of Nerf guns, you can have an automatic mini golf ball size thingy firing contraption, complete with built in MAGPUL sights (they really look like MAGPUL sights!), a top picatinny rail (the Zeus has side rails!!!), and a 3 lb trigger job (Ok, I’m making that up), all yours for $49.99 at approximate retail (my sources tell me that Hasbro doesn’t mess around with that MSRP nonsense, they cut to the chase in wording). You don’t even have to go through all that Class III jazz, for an automatic firing contraption, I think that’s the best somewhat (not really) FFL related deal I’ve ever encountered.

This one is a pump action MP7 looking thing, and probably overdue a lawsuit from Hi Point for the design of the trigger and pistol grip. I will admit, the one innovative thing that I have found throughout all this, is the way you can load a magazine by "smashing" the Nerf balls with the feed lips of the magazine. If Hasbro could get in the magazine business and start making "real steel", I think they'd have something going for them.

Now if you can for a brief moment suspend all concepts of the safety precautions of keeping fingers off triggers and pointing things in the right direction. In addition to applying the fundamentals of marksmanship and proper pocket of shoulder placement, then you might actually enjoy or be at the very least perplexed by this video…

And this guy, I’ve never seen a grown man (I don’t know how he gets away with having a significant other) so happily excited about unwrapping a Nerf gun, total Nerfer… (in his words). If anyone is interested in a TFBTV episode to do with Nerf guns, I’m certainly not going to be down for that one…


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  • Karl / Karl / on Sep 10, 2015

    This NERF line will go well with my 1911 styled squirt gun, shown here with a TLR-1.

  • Jim Jim on Sep 20, 2015

    I've got an M68 on a Beeman Air rifle but then again I hate squirrels