Maxrounds Saiga Muzzlebrake

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

My friend Brian told me about this. What a strange looking muzzle brake design. It looks like origami folded steel sheets. It is made by Maxrounds and is available on saigacustom.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Dracon1201 Dracon1201 on Sep 04, 2015

    I'm plasettered,. but this looks good.

    • Sam Sam on Sep 05, 2015

      @Dracon1201 Go home, you're drunk :P

  • Greekpreparedness Greekpreparedness on Sep 05, 2015

    It make sense to me. We have 3 chambers. the forward one vents gasses upwards and pushes down and forward a bit.
    Right behind it there are the two 45 degree chambers. The one farther from the viewer pushes the gun forward, and the one closest to the viewer pushes the gun to the Left. Exactly like the AKM slanted break does.