HiperFire Releases HiperTrain FCG Trainier

    HiperFire has released their fire control group trainer. Compatible with any trigger set (although I am sure HiperFire would prefer you use one of theirs), the HiperTrain is a trigger control demonstrator and trainer. Shooters can see the detailed movement of their trigger and compare it with the physical sensation through their trigger finger.

    The HiperTrain is compatible with any standard safety/selector and AR-15 grips. It arrives with a rubber pad to capture the energy of the hammer and keep noise down. Those interested can visit HiperFire’s website and pick up the HiperTrain for $30 retail. 

    Full Press Release Below:

    August 31, 2015: HIPERFIRE Announces Immediate Availability of the
    HIPERTRAIN™ FCG Demonstrator and Trainer. HIPERTRAIN is short for HIgh PERformance TRAINer. MSR rifle competitors can use it to train their trigger finger muscle memory for matches with their match trigger group installed. MIL-operators can use it to train for mission challenge demands. And retailers can use it to show off HIPERTOUCH® trigger system features at the sales counter, or the features of any other AR FCG for that matter. The HIPERTRAIN™ demonstrator feels just like your rifles’ trigger in the shooting hand. Install the pistol grip and safety/selector of choice. The product comes with a rubber bumper already installed to catch hammer fall. MSRP is $30. Find it now at hiperfire.com. HIPERFIRE has wholesale purchase programs.
    HIGH PERFORMANCE FIREARMS LLC (d.b.a. HIPERFIRE®) is a Minnesota limited
    liability company organized in 2011 to design, manufacture, and sell novel products into
    the MSR marketplace that satisfy the unmet needs of the more demanding recreational
    and professional shooter.

    Nathan S

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