Lasermax introduces Spartan line

by Miles

Lasermax has come out with a new laser line called Spartan. I would link to it, but I can’t find the exact product on their website. They’ll be coming out for shipping in the next several months, Natchez Shooters Supply even has them up for order as soon as they get them in stock. Lasermax had a great thing going when they introduced their guide rod lasers in 1988 before picatinny rails came into the form that we know them as today, but since then they seem to have taken their time in introducing a full line of laser platforms for the picatinny rail, they must be ready to hit it full force with the Spartan. I think some of that comes from the idea of why put a laser on something where you could fit a much more useful light, and even a light/laser combination. Before picatinny rails of course, the guide rod laser was truly innovative, but now we see the market has surpassed the accessory phase to the rail. Regardless, their guide rod lasers are still selling.

What is so different about Spartan? The handgun accessory market has become increasingly saturated with laser products that offer no true advancements and little versatility. Spartan is different. Harnessing LaserMax’s penchant for innovation, the Spartan features revolutionary Rail Vise Technology™ (patent pending) which eliminates the need for multiple laser housing options or clumsy adapters that limit mounting flexibility and can easily end up lost. The fully adjustable nature of the Spartan ensures that the operator can install the sight in its optimal location for personal comfort and ease of use. Once anchored, the sight maintains precision accuracy over extensive live-fire.

Other Features The most versatile and feature-rich rail mounted laser sight ever conceived, Spartan is equipped with LaserMax’s patented integral rail feature, enabling attachment of ancillary accessories such as weapon lights or infrared lasers. User programmable for a steady or high-visibility pulsed beam, the Spartan automatically deactivates after 10 minutes to prevent inadvertent power drain. Ambidextrous activation, Rail Vise Positioner™, and simplified windage and elevation tuning set Spartan apart from the fray.
MSRP for the Green laser is $149 and for the red $99. Can any laser buffs out there explain to us this fifty dollar difference between the colors?

Title photo from Guns & Ammo Magazine.


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  • TV-PressPass TV-PressPass on Sep 02, 2015

    I honestly don't know why we don't have a universal standard in handgun rails. Picatinny exists for a reason!

  • DAN V. DAN V. on Sep 03, 2015

    For that, get a light/laser combo in one package.

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    • DAN V. DAN V. on Sep 04, 2015

      @PLISSKEN Then what else is the rail extra rail space for?