Mounted Holster System

    Dara Holsters

    Dara Holsters and Gear is now selling a holster mounting system that combines the company’s Kydex holsters with gear from RAM Mounts. These mounting systems allow a user to attach a holster to the underside of a desk, inside a vehicle or even on the handlebars of an ATV.

    Dara Holsters and Gear will offer the kits with the user’s choice of a standard (open top) Kydex holster or the company’s Level II Duty holster that has a rotating hood.

    Three different mounting options are available: a flat mount, a suction cup mount and a Tough-Claw mount that is suitable for attaching a holster to a bar or rail. Holster and mount packages start at $84.99 and go up depending on the type of mount desired.

    Richard Johnson

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