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Patrick R
by Patrick R

Over the last few weeks one of my favorite Youtubers MattV2099 started posting videos about his new Hi-Point, that got me started down the Google rabbit hole. I ended up with the search terms “custom hi-point” in my search bar, I was not disappointed.

Before we continue I want to point out that if all you can afford is a Hi-Point pistol, than it is better than nothing. Like my boss at work says, “for $130 you can buy something that is gun”. When that is taken into context the Hi-Point isn’t so bad after all.

To the festivities!

The search resulted in some pretty custom looking Hi-Point pistols. While not really my taste, but I thought I would share the wonder that is a finely crafted and customized “death dealer” (I once heard a Hi-Point collector refer to his EDC Hi-Point as such, I thought it appropriate)

I wasn’t aware of a Hi-Point this small. I don’t know about it’s merits as a concealed carry piece with the bright green zombie hydro dip applied to it.

I have noticed a huge amount of these that have been hydro dipped, I wonder why. I think the money graphics applied to this one are outstanding. I kinda want one for the hell of it.

This owner of this one went so far as to mill the slide out. I wonder if that effected function any since the Hi-Point is a blowback firearm that relies on a heavy slide to function properly.

‘Merica! I like it! It reminds me of Carnik Con’s Meriflage shotgun.

I am not really sure what the owner was going for here, but my assumption is that it was customized for a female shooter. If applying pink and white zebra print to a gun gets your lady involved in shooting, who am I to say it is wrong?

Out of all of the results I think I like this one the best. It looks rather well done, I don’t know about the ghost ring sight though.

Clearly this one was a gag wedding gift of some kind. If someone had given me something like this on my wedding night it would have brought many smiles and laughs each time I opened the safe.

While some of you might find this post humorous (if I am honest some of these made me giggle a bit) it really shows how cool the firearms hobby is. Even if all you have is a couple hundred dollars you can enjoy getting into firearms and making your gun unique. I am reminded daily that one thing that makes this hobby great is that no matter if you are rich or poor, you can still enjoy guns just as much as the next guy.

Patrick R
Patrick R

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