African Sporting Creations Shooting Sticks

Tom R
by Tom R

I actually never knew this was a “thing”… I am definitely intrigued.

African Sporting Creations is the only company that manufactures wood and carbon fiber monopods, bipods and tripod shooting sticks in the USA backed up by an unconditional lifetime warranty. Each set of sticks takes more than 100 different steps to craft and goes through a rigorous quality control process. They are the quietest, lightest and most rigid shooting sticks available and have been in continuous use by Professional Hunters around the globe for over a decade.

The heart of every model is its proprietary take-down connector – the strongest on the market – which is machined from a solid block of aircraft aluminum and allows the sticks to screw together in about a minute. Since beginning operations twelve years ago, African Sporting Creations has never had one of their positive locking connectors fail.

They boast over twelve different models with a variety of styles, lengths and options, that can all fit in a full-length airline case (the super compact versions will fit in a takedown rifle case). Prices start at $189.

I am sure a number of you have used these (or something like them). What are your thoughts? I like the idea, and it passes the sniff test, but never having used them I don’t know…

You can see their products at:

Tom R
Tom R

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  • Barneysamson Barneysamson on Aug 24, 2015

    I first learned of- and made- shooting sticks when I was a Boy Scout, ca. 1968. Our Scoutmaster, Bill Hawn, was the man responsible for that along w/many others. The sticks are useful for longer range shots where no readily available natural rests can be used. The large rifle barrels/calibers used for big African game can be tough to hold on target for prolonged periods, using shooting sticks is a time-honored practice. I think one reason sticks aren't used as much stateside is because the smaller size/weight of the hunting rifles used for the game found here.

  • Cameron Bissell Cameron Bissell on Aug 25, 2015

    i could see these being great for plains game, but for most of my hunting in scrubland and swamps (most of the US) they are a hindrance. If i ever go to Africa i will buy some.