No, You Cannot Over-insert a Glock Magazine

    While not a raging debate recently (although I have seen a few instances on various forums), I believe it is important to ensure gun fallacies are put to bed, permanently. Let me say it clearly: you cannot over-insert a magazine in a Glock handgun.

    For example, many said that using a 17 magazine in a 19, or full-size in a compact gun, would have the magazine over-insert as the base plate was not there to stop over-insertion. While on its face, it makes sense, it shows a significant misunderstanding of the design of the Glock platform.

    Every Glock magazine and frame have shelves built in to the left-hand side of the magazine and magazine well-respectively. The sole purpose of these shelves is to ensure that magazines cannot be over-inserted, in much the same way the Gen 3 PMAG has the shelf on the rear of the magazine.

    It takes an incredible amount of force to bust through polymers that are loaded against one another vertically. By incredible, I mean more than anything a human could ever exert. As such, use longer Glock magazines anytime.

    I carry a 17 magazine as a spare when carrying my 23 (converted to 9mm).

    Don’t believe me, take it from some guys who do it for a living:


    Nathan S

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