Nikon Introduces PROSTAFF 7 Series Riflescopes

    Nikon is on a new product roll these days, having introduced multiple new lines over the last few months. Latest up is their PROSTAFF 7 series, which puts 30mm tubes on a budget. For those who look for such things, the larger tube gives the scopes more adjustment which Nikon claims now up to  90 or 140 MOA depending on the model.

    The PROSTAFF line continues Nikon’s reticle options, with standard crosshair (“Nikoplex”) or BDC reticles available. Those shooting various hand-loads will appreciate Nikon’s Spot-On application, which can calculate drop on any scope and bullet combination.

    Various options include:

    1. 2.5-10×42
    2. 2.5-10×50
    3. 3-12×42 SF
    4. 4-16×42 SF
    5. 4-16×50 SF

    Prices start around $300 retail, so expect street to be a bit less once the optics are within normal distribution channels.



    Full Presser Below:

    Nikon Sport Optics is pleased to announce the release of the all-new PROSTAFF 7 Riflescope series.  This new riflescope is a dream come true for hunters who’ve been looking for a high quality, do-it-all scope that they can pair with a rifle and use reliably year after year.

    Because the PROSTAFF 7 riflescope has a 30mm main body tube, it provides a wider maximum internal adjustment range (90-140 MOA depending on model), which is useful for dialing in the elevation and windage adjustments needed for long-range shots.  The PROSTAFF 7 sports Nikon’s Spring-Loaded Instant Zero-Reset Turrets that allow the user to return the turrets to the zero mark after sighting in, so that subsequent adjustments are simpler.
    Whether the situation calls for a long-range shot or a close-range shot, the PROSTAFF 7 has you covered, thanks to a 4-time zoom ratio on all models. Each magnification is offered with either a Nikoplex or BDC reticle.  The BDC reticle utilizes a unique set of circles as aiming points for various ranges and is most effective when used with Nikon’s Spot On Ballistic Match Technology.

    Hunters throughout the world have been using the Spot On program to compensate for bullet drop at extended ranges. The Spot On program provides users with exact aiming points on the BDC reticle for any load or ammunition at a specified range. It contains the ballistic information for more than 5,000 different loads and can even be used with custom handloads. With more than one million registered users, Spot On has become the number one choice for hunters and shooters throughout the world and is available as an app for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ and is also available for free at
    Nikon has been manufacturing glass since 1917 and is known worldwide as the leader in high-quality optics.  The Fully-Multicoated lenses found in the PROSTAFF 7 riflescope live up to the Nikon name by delivering bright, clear images with well-balanced color. Perhaps most importantly, the lenses offer the superior light transmission needed to make a shot in the ever-important low-light situation.
    The PROSTAFF 7 riflescope line-up also has many of the key features that shooters have come to expect from Nikon, including generous eye relief, quick focus eyepiece and user-friendly ¼-inch click-stop adjustments.  Side Focus parallax adjustment is also featured on the 3-12×42, 4-16×42 and 4-16×50 models and a sunshade is included with 4-16×42 and
    4-16×50 models.
    The PROSTAFF 7 is also waterproof, fogproof and shockproof for all-weather performance. Like all Nikon riflescopes, the PROSTAFF 7 is backed by Nikon’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    The PROSTAFF 7 riflescope line includes the following magnifications, each available with either a standard Nikoplex reticle or a BDC reticle:
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