Adler Lever Action Shotgun

    Adler, a Turkish Firearms Manufacturer, makes an 7+1 round lever action shotgun. They also make a SBS/AOW variant.

    a112 Adler


    Last month the Adler A110 Shotgun was under the spotlight in Australia. The Adler A110 was imported and due to its large capacity and quick rate of fire, compared to other shotguns in Australia, the government wants to restrict these as well.  I did not know that Pump Action shotgun were restricted in Australia. Here is an application for a Category C Firearm, such as a pump action. Click on this link to check out the PDF. And before anyone says “no politics”, I am only talking about the laws of Australia and find it interesting regarding this shotgun.


    The A110 lever action shotgun looks interesting. It does not function like a traditional lever action. I do not see the bolt or exposed hammer like on a traditional lever action shotgun or rifle. I was unable to find a US importer of the A110. Do any of you readers know of a company bringing these in?

    You can see some more info on Adler’s website.

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