Majestic Arms Ruger .22 Auto Pistol Speed Strip

    Anyone familiar with the Ruger MKII/III or the 22/45 know it is infamous for being a pain to field strip and even more of a pain reassembling. Majestic Arms makes a kit that you can install to make field stripping the Ruger pistol easy. Here is a video explaining the installation and operation of the speed strip.


    Majestic Arms replaces the Bolt Stop Pin with a two piece version allowing the user to remove the bolt stop pin and thereby removing the bolt for field stripping without going through the hassle one would normally go through in taking the gun apart. Their 3.2kit also gets rid of the magazine disconnect in the firearm. Another byproduct of their speed strip kit, the trigger pull is reduced down to 3.5 – 3.75 lb.




    You can check out and buy the kit from their website.

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