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It has not been long since the .300 AAC Blackout cartridge became an officially recognized round, but it has had more than enough time to gain significant popularity. The round was originally made by handloaders interested in slinging .30-caliber bullets using their ARs and is now used on an increasing basis for everything from target shooting to hunting various game. Although there has been a certain amount of debate surrounding the .300 BLK, ballistics do back it as a solidly performing round. In fact, it produces 16.7% more energy than 7.62x39mm at about 300 yards and also manages to outperform the M4 in general, including producing greater energy at longer ranges. Yes, the .300 BLK has become a popular round, and among the companies looking to produce rifles chambered in it is Stag Arms.

Stag Arms announced they will now be offering their 16″ barrel AR-15s in .300 BLK. Models 1, 2, 2T, 3, 3T, and 3T-M will be available in .300 BLK. The rifles have barrels made of 4140 steel featuring chrome lining and have a 1:7 twist rate. Mark Malkowski, Stag Arms’ President, said the rifles are “already on the shelves of most major stores. By utilizing the same reliable AR-15 firearm platform customers can still use their standard accessories.”

Stag Arms is located in Connecticut and was founded in 2003 for the specific purpose of manufacturing AR-15 platform rifles. In addition to standard ARs they also make regulation-compliant models for the states with specific restrictions, and they’re known for their left-handed models as well.

According to Stag Arms rifles chambered in .300 BLK will carry an MSRP $50 higher than the current MSRP. Visit the company’s website at

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  • Vitsaus Vitsaus on Aug 17, 2015

    A bit late to the party. Seems like they waited quite a while considering its really just a barrel they needed.

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    • Sam Sam on Aug 17, 2015

      @Vitsaus Eh, yeah, but there's plenty of weird AR makers. I appreciate their keeping the product line pretty classical.

  • NDS NDS on Aug 17, 2015

    1:8 300BLK twist4life