Custom Pump Action AR-15

    Jamey Wojtasek, a local gunsmith and director of operations, with Pittsburgh Cerakote, modified an ALG Defense handguard and converted the upper to be pump action. This is the prototype. It is free floating and so it does not touch the barrel. It is a rather simple design. There is a metal collar inside the handguard attached to a rod. There is a slot for a picatinny rail to attach to the collar.The gunsmith attached a Magpul AFG but you can use anything.

    The design makes this a manually driven piston AR. The rod pushes the bolt back. This modified upper can be installed onto any lower receiver. In PA, you cannot hunt with a semi-auto rifle. So now this guy can use his pump action AR to hunt coyote.

    Yes there is a Pump AR by Troy Industries. However it is proprietary and you cannot use it with your own lower.

    The Gunsmith said that a complete upper will cost about $900. He is confident he can modify most free float handguards, not quad rails, to work with his design. If you provide the complete upper, the custom work is estimated to be around $500.


    IMG_5303 IMG_5304 IMG_5305 IMG_5307


    Here is the piston rod that pushes on the gas key of the bolt. IMG_5308

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