New Alien Gear Holsters for Springfield XD

    Alien Gear has been manufacturing holsters since March of 2013, and in just two short years has grown significantly. Today they have a team of more than 100 based out of two locations, one in Hayden, Idaho, the other in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Their holsters are manufactured with quality and comfort in mind, and all are backed by the company’s Iron Clad Triple Guarantee.

    New from Alien Gear is their IWB-carry model for the Springfield XD Mod 2. It comes in one of two materials, either leather or a neoprene composite. If you’re interested in open carry or simply prefer to conceal your handgun with a baggy, untucked shirt or jacket, they also offer an OWB style that comes in leather in your choice of black or tan.

    One of the great things about Alien Gear holsters is the fact that you can purchase just one holster base, then choose from their more than 400 shell options. If you’d like to carry a different handgun on the same base, you can; these shells are removable, making it possible to simply swap out the attached shell as needed. In addition, the aforementioned guarantee not only covers a 30-day risk-free trial run but includes repair or replacement for just about any reasons. According to Alien Gear, their guarantee covers everything up to and including destruction by dogs using the holster as a chew toy.

    Along with the newly released Springfield XD Mod 2, Alien Gear recently came out with holsters to fit the H and K VP9, Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle Polymer with Rail, Sig P320 Carry an Full Size, Walther PPX, and the Glock 43.

    For a closer look visit their website at MSRP starts at $29.88.

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