Lightweight Armor from RMA Armament

    Those of you have that have worn plates, did you wear steel or ceramics?  I was issued ceramic plates (ESAPIs), and while lighter than steel (the ESAPIs were somewhere around 6 lbs each, if I recall correctly), were pretty bulky.

    RMA Armament has a solution that is roughly a third of the weight, their new “SRT” Hard Armor Plate.  And even cooler is that they are about a half inch thick.

    Bottom profile shot

    Bottom profile shot

    RMA’s “SRT” hard armor plate is designed to provide multi-hit protection against some of the most common high speed rifle rounds in the world today – the 7.62×39 (M67 Lead Core), 6.8×43 FMJ and .556×45 ball rounds.

    Most impressive is that this SRT plate – comprised of UHMWPE material – can stand up to a ballistic beating of the aforementioned nature while weighing just 2.05lbs, which is just a fraction of the weight typically needed to defeat such high velocity rounds.



    • Special Threat, Multi-Hit Tested by an NIJ Certified Laboratory
    • Special Rifle Threat Stand-Alone
    • Constructed with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
    • Single Curve
    • Shooter’s Cut
    • Positive Buoyant
    • Waterproof
    • Made in the USA


    • 10″ x 12″
    • 2.05 lbs (.93kg)
    • Thickness: 0.56″

    I suppose it is cool that they are buoyant, but I’m not sure that will make much of a difference with all of the other crap that is generally attached to a plate carrier.  The savings of weight that is equivalent to a gallon of water, along with the lower profile would definitely have been nice.

    Okay, so now let’s queue up some stories of the armor you all have carried…

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