Next Level Arms Ambi Charging Handle

    Next Level Arms makes Ambi Charging handles for AR-15 and AR-10. I got my hands on an AR-15 version to check it out next to my Raptor.


    Below you can see it next to my Noveske Edition Raptor. The wings of the handle are wider on the Next Level Arms.

    IMG_4980 IMG_4981


    next 3



    As you can see between this picture and the one above, the leading edge of the wings are taller than the Raptor. Making it even easier to pull the handle rearward.

    Next Level 1

    Next 2


    The wings protrude a bit more but I did not notice them poking me in the stomach. YMMMV

    Next Level 2


    One issue I noticed, was with my Troy Carbine. When my Troy rear sight is folded down, the Next Level Arms handle hits the rear sight. You can see below where the rear sight is touching the charging handle. Not a problem on my Salient with Magpul Pro sights.

    Next troy


    The Next Level Arms ambi handle retails for $80 on their website. The AR10 version is $90.

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