BCM Keymod rail covers now shipping

by Miles

Bravo Company came out with these rail sections at SHOT 2015, but have since worked some more on the design and they are now ready to ship for $9.95 a pack of five, with each section covering 5.5 inches. However, the materials they picked allow users to clip the length to whatever appropriate size needed under that 5.5 inch length. Pretty nifty.

The video shows how using a user can cut them to configure their usage. Seeing how they can contour underneath other accessories is pretty neat as well.
Black seems to be the only color they have in stock right now, but BCM is adding more.

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  • DAN V. DAN V. on Jul 23, 2015

    Someone tell me what I'm missing here.

    • Squirreltakular Squirreltakular on Jul 24, 2015

      @DAN V. BCM is overhyping literally everything they make now. To their credit, though, these are the slimmest keymod covers out there. Do you need them? I dunno. I might get some, since I don't always shoot with gloves and extra grip is nice if you're sweating/ it's raining.

  • Iksnilol Iksnilol on Jul 24, 2015

    I am a bit confused. Isn't one of the advantages of stuff like M-lok and Keymod that you don't need rail covers?

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    • Iksnilol Iksnilol on Jul 25, 2015

      @Bear The Grizzly That makes sense.