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As a growing number of states pass open carry laws, an increasing number of gun owners are choosing to take advantage of the changes. Texas and Mississippi are among the most recent states to pass open carry laws, and the response from the gun-carrying public has been swift. With the rise in those looking to carry their firearms openly comes a growing demand for quality holsters, and FAB Defense is answering the call with additions to their line of SCORPUS holsters.

There are 36 models to choose from in the SCORPUS line including left-handed versions and their “R” model, which features their dual-retention mechanism designed to allow for rapid presentation. The holsters are made with a fiberglass-reinforced polymer for durability and longevity, and their unique tension system is adjustable. If you prefer carrying spare magazines along with your gun, take a look at their model that comes with double-magazines pouches; the pouches themselves have adjustable tension for customizable retention and a secure hold.

FAB Defense owner Sagi Faifer had this to say regarding the new SCORPUS holsters: “The dual-retention system we’ve developed is meant to lock the pistol in for a secure fit and add to the holsters’ safety features. In addition, we’re supporting left-handed shooters by offering ambidextrous holsters. We’re bringing them to consumers that need them thanks to our in-house design and molding.”

Retention is always important when carrying a firearm, but when you’re open carrying it becomes even more vital due to the clear visibility of the gun and the attention that may well be drawn to it. These Israeli-made holsters are manufactured according to FAB’s high standards and adhere to strict quality control measures. FAB Defense has been making holsters for Israel’s military and law enforcement agencies for years and the proof is in the quality and performance of their products.

Take a look online at . MSRP varies.

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