Norwegian island, firearms mandatory to carry

by Miles

Outdoorhub just posted this link to a news report about the Svalbard island in Norway where it is legally mandatory to carry a firearm while on the island. I couldn’t find any further news reports other than this one to back it up, or how seriously it is enforced. The reporter mentions the one county in Colorado where firearms ownership is mandatory, but concealed/open carry actually isn’t mandatory. In addition the law isn’t very enforced, and is more of a political statement. Whereas on this island, the regulation is highly enforced. It made note of the tragic accident in 2011 in which a child was killed by a bear while camping. However, the issue with that tragedy was that the guide did have a Mauser with him, but didn’t know how to properly use it, thus resulting in it not being brought to bear (literally). Eventually someone competent enough got ahold of the rifle and killed the polar bear, after the damage had been done. The report mentions that if tourists can’t or aren’t competent enough to handle firearms, they have to hire a guide who is.


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