Brazilian Car Chase VS Aerial Platform Sniper

    A video was released by Patrulha Policial (Police Patrol) on YouTube. The video appears to be from the body camera of a Brazilian officer, in a helicopter, observing a runaway suspect involved in a high speed pursuit with other Brazilian officers. The sniper next to him appears to be using a FAL.


    Warning: Some Graphic Content. There is blood and a bleeding badguy.

    The suspect is believed to have been involved in the armed robbery of an armored truck. It is reported that one of the Armored Truck drivers died. You can see the two armored cars below.



    Here are the weapons seized from the other armed suspects. Looks like a FAL, two ARs (with magpul stocks), three AK style weapons and possibly a Taurus PT-92.  Screen-Shot-2015-07-06-at-12.35.17-PM


    I am not sure what the huge bullets are for.


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