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    Lights have more than one use when it comes to firearms. They’re most commonly used for the obvious, lighting the way when it’s dark and visibility is next to nothing, but they also have their applications while hunting. Then there are their self-defense uses – yes, a light can offer defensive options – and myriad tactical purposes, which are a mixture of a few of these. Whether you need a light simply to brighten dark corners or want another tool in your self-defense arsenal, the new EL700 High Lumen Flashlight is advertised as doing it all.

    The new UTG flashlights most important feature is that it can be used at ranges of up to 400 yards and remain effective. All too many lights fail when faced with anything not at close range, but not this light. It’s also adjustable so brightness can be changed as needed, allowing for more subtlety when faced with a potential assailant and less chance of spooking game (although there are lights specifically designed for hunting, the best lights can do it all).The EL700 High Lumen Flashlight can be adjusted between 20 and 700 lumens.  Of course, there are situations where startling and/or blinding someone is an excellent plan, and that’s where this light’s strobe function comes in handy. This is not just a flashlight, it’s a defensive tool.

    Read below for full details from UTG and take a look at the company’s website at MSRP is not yet listed.

    From UTG:

    Libre means freedom. UTG’s new EL700 High Lumen Flashlight with L.I.B.R.E. (Light with Integrated Brightness Regulated Emitter) Dimming Technology places the amount of visible light firmly in the user’s hand, giving you the freedom to adapt to your surroundings and granting you maximum situational control. State of the art circuit board design, advanced mounting solutions, and superior handling performance combine to make this the flagship of UTG’s new illumination line up. One click of the soft textured end cap button unleashes a powerful 700 lumens of white light capable of illuminating a target out to 400 yards effectively. When less light is needed, a Lumen Control Pad placed strategically on the center main body allows you to scale the brightness all the way from 700 lumens down to 20 lumens any time you need. In any environment you want to adapt to, simply press and hold the pad until the desired brightness is reached. Should a threat be encountered, a double- click on the Lumen Control Pad will ignite an aggressive rapid strobe mode that can temporarily blind or confuse an aggressor or serve as a distress beacon in emergency situations.

    EL700 comes standard with a removable rubber anti-roll ring that doubles as a finger rest for syringe style tactical shooting stances and can be replaced with an included grip spacer for every day carry. This unit comes standard with our innovative tactical offset ring mount (RG-FL138) and easily mounts to all mil-spec Picatinny rails. Made from aircraft grade aluminum and hardcoat anodized for surface longevity, the EL700 is sturdy and ultra-reliable. A knurled surface with additional gripping grooves over the elegant structure guarantees positive handling and long term carry comfort even in the most dire weather conditions. Dual lanyard slots further enhance this flashlights ability to conform to your personal carry style.

    EL700 is not picky with its power supply and runs equally well with 2x CR-123’s or an 18650 rechargeable battery. The L.I.B.R.E dimming technology can also greatly enhance battery runtime with the lowest brightness setting extending the battery power to over 12 hours of continuous use.

    UTG EL700 is not a light that will stand in the spotlight; it “is” the spotlight and stands out amongst others as a true innovation that gives you the freedom to choose.

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