Taliban Fighters In Kunduz, Afghanistan, Spotted Using SCARs and HMMWVs

    The Taliban have been on the move recently, capturing an Afghanistan National Army District Headquarters in a recent battle. Footage of the battle show a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWVs, or Humvees) and FN SCAR-Heavy rifle in use by the fighters, captured from earlier ANA forces during an earlier engagement. The footage is available in a video embedded below:

    The SCAR-H is missing the adjustable cheekpiece from its famously fragile stock. It is clear that most of the fighters are using more traditional weapons, and the modern, captured arms and vehicles are mostly shown in propaganda shots. Taliban Twitter users also released some photos through social media of the rifle and HMMWV after they were captured:

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    Nathaniel F

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