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    The new riflescope’s rangefinder does more than just let you know how far away an object is, it also has a scanning feature so you can track targets on the move. In addition to the obvious cool factor of a built-in laser rangefinder this riflescope has a total of thirteen reticle options, each of which is preloaded into the scope, each of which has four colors possible, and each capable of operating in various light levels. For ease of use it also has the ability to store three settings and it has what sounds like a fairly detailed menu.

    This is definitely an interesting-looking product from Pulsar, one that could allow for significant flexibility on low-light and night hunts and absolutely speed up target acquisition. As a hunter I’m more than a little bit interested in the new riflescope and hope there’s an opportunity to try it out down the road. Take a look online at MSRP not listed, and although night vision is never cheap, let alone digital night vision, you have to admit you’re interested in this, too. Read on for details from the company itself.


    From Pulsar:

    Pulsar is known for producing the world’s first digital night vision riflescope – the Digisight. Over the years the Digisight has become a best seller worldwide. The company has strived to continually improve the riflescope, adding new features and enhancing its performance. New for 2015, the company is proud to announce the release of the Digisight 850 LRF, a digital NV riflescope featuring a built-in laser rangefinder.

    Measuring distance at longer range is always a challenge, but the Digisight 850 LRF is ready for the challenge. With a maximum measuring range of over 400 yards and accuracy of ±1m, the built-in rangefinder allows you to estimate distance to your target long before the target sees you. The rangefinder features not only single mode on a single object, but also scanning mode, suitable for tracking fast moving targets or targets located far from each other. This makes the scope ideal for predator and varmint applications like hog and coyote hunting.

    Other innovative features include the THD and AoE functions. THD shows true horizontal distance and is helpful for mountain landscapes, when shooting from high stands, taking into account the shooter’s angle of elevation (AoE) relative to the target. The ability to switch between units of measurement (m/y), and a selection of range finding indicators is also available in the riflescope’s menu.

    The Digisight 850 LRF comes preloaded with thirteen selectable electronic reticles for specific hunting and shooting conditions. All reticles have four color options. While one shot zeroing is still a key feature of the unit, innovative FREEZE zeroing is a new enhancement. All customizable zeroing parameters can be memorized for up to three types of weapons or distances. The riflescope is outfitted with a built-in eye safe laser IR illuminator, providing a dramatic extension of the unit’s viewing range. Also, the laser IR features three-step power settings for the use in varying illumination conditions.

    The Digisight 850 LRF delivers an excellent picture thanks to the use of the 640×480 resolution OLED display, and highly sensitive CCD sensor. The 4.5x optical magnification is augmented with the 2x continuous digital zoom which does not impact image sharpness. For extremely low light conditions, one can activate the Sum Light™ Signal Processing Program, the software able to provide a drastic image enhancement without using an IR Illuminator.

    The Digisight 850 LRF is an impressive new entry into the night vision optics market and includes all the features an outdoorsman needs to experience more successful nighttime hunts.

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