Switzerland Adopts B&T MP9-N As Machinenpistole 14

    According to IHS Jane’s, the Swiss Armed Forces have adopted the B&T MP9-N as a personal defense weapon (PDW) for its echelon troops:

    The Swiss Armed Forces have selected the 9 mm Mp 14 submachine gun and the 40 mm single shot grenade launcher Mzw 14 from small arms manufacturer B&T, company representatives told IHS Jane’s at the B&T Police Equipment Show in Thun.

    “We delivered the first batch of B&T MP9-Ns, named Machinenpistole 14, under a framework agreement,” B&T owner Karl Brügger said.

    The Swiss Land Forces plan to introduce the Mp 14 as a personal defence weapon (PDW) for troops behind the front lines, who do not need to carry the much larger Sturmgewehr 90 assault rifle.

    Swiss army officials are also examining the idea to replace the majority of its semi-automatic pistols with submachine guns.

    The MP9-N is a 9mm Parabellum/NATO compact submachine gun with suppressor and accessory mounting options, and a folding stock. The MP-9 was originally the Steyr TMP, before then-Brügger & Thomet bought the design, modified it, and renamed it.

    Nathaniel F

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