TwInS Loading From a Side Saddle

    For those who don’t shoot action shotgun or 3gun matches, you may not have seen the latest shell manipulation that has taken off for fast loading of a shotgun. The fastest reloading methods are of course magazine fed shotguns, speed loaders like Jerry Miculek, and the Quad load (which is an evolution of TwInS loading)

    TwInS stands for Two In Shotgun. Meaning you grab two shells at the same time and loading two into the gun in one motion. This method requires a special shell caddy that aligns the shells in a stacked formation so you can rip them out and load them fast. Often these types of dedicated rigs are belt mounted or there is the TwInS cummerbund.

    Shell cummerbund


    This type of set up works great for competition but it is not convenient for non-competitors.


    Yesterday, I met up with Adam Roth of Aridus Inudstries. Formally known as Arid Products. Aridus Industries is making the Q-DC (Quick Detach Carrier). So yesterday we met up so I could get the Q-DC, so I can beta test it, and I helped Adam video his new Tactical Twins loading method.

    I had introduced Adam to Twins loading by sending him some Youtube videos. From those videos he came up with this technique to load twins from a shotgun side saddle.


    This makes loading a shotgun from a side saddle much more efficient. Best part, is that you could probably do it with any side saddle. But with the Q-DC, you can replenish your side mounted shells with a fresh carrier. I am not sure if this technique will work with the velcro shotgun shell cards.

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